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Weak 8 - Week 9 recap's

November 12, 20234 min read

“I'm strong because I know my weaknesses. I'm wise because I've been foolish. I laugh becaues I've known sadness.” - unknown (farmquotes)

Shout out to farmquotes for basically writing Jarod's entire season in a single quote. I literally watched it flash before my eyes as I read it. Let me give a little context. Jarod's team was drafted weak AF, he lost and lost and lost, but was foolish enough to think he could still squeek by into the playoffs and make a run. He then realized he cannot, saw his weaknesses, started flipping players for capital and is now strong as shit going into draft next year. Wise. And, all he can really do is laugh about how sad this year was and know it's only going to get better. Also

fuck you

I took a well needed bye week last week and boy alot has happened. We currently have 5 teams fighting for 1 position. 2 of the greats (myself and Shannon) within 1 game of each other while Shannon sits atop the fledglings below. While, Jarod, Dmac, and Travis all fight it out to not be the shittiest team.

spy vs spy

We also had Jarod go up $30 in draft capital, Shannon and Toby get drastically stronger, Shain attempt to stay relevant with a splash trade despite only having 3 wins and has no one noticed that while Lyle sits in 8th place...he's actually the 3rd highest scoring team. Don't let that man into the playoffs please.There was some Dmac action (or lack thereof) as well but I'm going to save that for the SSOTW portion of this rant.

Week 8 and 9 Quick Hits

Week 8 -

Travis put up the 140.84 fantasy points...and lost to angelo by 2.


Devin Snuck a win on the 6-2 Al Gayzach


Josh gave Dmac another shit sandwich. Kinda fucked up since he invited him to the league if you ask me.

josh beats dmac

Week 9 - not much excitment...but I'd say this was noteworthy

Josh pushed Jarod past no return with a 148-137 dub.


Josh is black...ish, Jarod's super guys get the metaphor here.

Shit Sandwich(es) of the weeks - Al and Dmac

Week 8 - Rex Ryan's Foot Finder Account (Al)

Thank god I get to start with Al. I wouldn't have anything left if I had to go in on the other team first. If I'm being honest Al is one of the hardest ones to talk shit about. I don't even know if Al is his real name, or Gary, or Zach, or GaryZa(ch/ck). This MF'er is more mysterious than who he's going to start week to week. I mean he left 39 points in week 8 on the bench and started Miles sanders over Jahan Dotson and Tyler Lockett.

Week 9 - Johnny Puc Kin Football

where to even start with this guy? Thank you is in order I think? I appreciated the Jammar Trade, and while I still think you needed to do something to fix your shit show of a RB situation, the fact that you didn't shop him at all and then got all pissy when someone else traded with me and didn't shop...WTF man? I thought we were cool like that? Own your decisions, don't be a puss.


And my god man, no wonder your probably going to end up in last place. You don't pay attention to any of the conversations but chime in on all of them cluelessly.

This is the guy who wanted $50 draft capital for Sam Laporta...While I'm not knocking Sam, in fact, I think he'll be a top 5 TE this year and ongoing with Goff, I want to put context to this. Here is a consolidated list of players drafted at $50 or less...

  1. Stefon Diggs - $45

  2. Lamar Jackson $49

  3. Mark Andrews (currently PR 2 for TE) $20

  4. Derick Henry $49

  5. Amon-Ra St. Brown $28

  6. Debo Samuel $34

  7. Cee Dee Lamb $38

  8. Davante Adams $48

  9. (Kelce - $58, Andrews $20, Hockenson $17, and Kmet $1) All TE's with more points than Sam so far this year. Kelce being the outlier in want more than double the going rate for a top 5 TE.

Congratulations Sir.

Our two Winners:


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